PPC Cares


An Organization of PPC Performance Pulsation Control 

Defining Scripture

“Each of us should use whatever gifts we have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace.” 1 Peter 4:10


Moving Beyond Business into the Hearts and Lives of our Employees and Local Community


Purposefully Partner with our Local Community and shine the light of Christ in all that we do.

Our Story

Performance Pulsation Control (PPC) is a manufacturer of world-class, innovative pulsation control products for reciprocating pumps. We are passionate about serving our customers, our employees, and our local community.

Since the beginning, CEO John Rogers recognized PPC was a blessing from God. He also recognized that he wanted to use PPC beyond the everyday life of doing business. At the time, John was not quite sure how or what that looked like.

Then in 2012, the door was opened through a new partnership with C12, a nation-wide Christian CEO Peer Advisory and Key Player program. C12 encourages business owners to lead their companies with the love of Christ and to use their businesses to care and minister to their employees and the community.

With the support of his fellow peer group of business owners, John was encouraged to sharpen his focus on what it really means to be a faithful steward of God’s business. John’s vision began to take shape. His heart was/is to keep PPC’s outreach efforts local and to ‘Purposefully Partner’ with organizations already fighting the good fight.

After the ministry initiative was announced company wide, PPC employees eagerly jumped in. They felt energized to be a part of something bigger and that brought more depth to the everyday work experience. Our team of employee volunteers quickly began forming partnerships and volunteering in numerous capacities. The variety of volunteer efforts provided growth and a sharpened direction on how we, as a small business, could truly make a meaningful impact in the hearts and lives of our employees and community. 

Team PPC shined bright!  Meals were served at local homeless shelters, weekly home cooked dinners were hand delivered to a local youth transitional center, backpacks filled with supplies were handed out to homeless citizens,  back-to-school clothing and supplies were delivered to children in need,  Christmas gifts were purchased for single moms and their children, and so much more!

The Lord didn’t stop there!  With excitement, energy and momentum from PPC’s first service opportunities, PPC Cares Inc., a 501(C)3, was created in 2016. 

PPC Cares forges on, currently partnering with local Christian ministries, neighboring non-profits, public schools, Chaplaincy services and individuals in crisis. Both time and resources are donated through corporate volunteerism, mentoring, donations, fundraising, and spreading the word concerning community needs.

Core Values


Serving others means showing up with purpose. Having intentionality in what we do and why we do it keeps our hearts focused on the prize of loving our employees and our community.


Without the spirit of partnership, healthy communities cannot thrive. Our goal is to work together as a team of partners, who share the values of caring for those in need within our community.


Community = People. Our belief is we are all in this together, fighting the good fight. As a small business, we want to live this belief out by making a meaningful and lasting impact in the hearts and lives of our employees and local community.

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